Underwater iPod

I used to have an underwater MP3 player that clipped to my goggles and allowed me to listen to podcasts (or audiobooks or music) while I swam. I really, really liked it. Listening to interesting people talk about things while I swam back and forth made the laps go more quickly, and usually encouraged me to stay in the water just a little longer so I could hear the end.

When my car was broken into a couple months, that was one of the things that was stolen.

When I was looking around the internet to buy a new one, I found a tutorial on making a regular old iPod Shuffle waterproof. It seemed like a good idea, and we happened to have two iPod shuffles lying around the house that hadn’t been used in about 3 years, so I gave it a shot.

My experience did not look exactly like the one in the video. I’m not sure if I did it wrong, or if the shuffle we had on hand was just put together better, but I did not get silicone gel to ooze out of different areas of the iPod.

Then, it sat in a basket for a month or more before I used it.

For the first 30 minutes, I listened to The Beatles sing me up & down the lane. Then, the songs started skipping, and the volume started to fade. I hoped that maybe it was the battery, and put it aside for the rest of the swim.

At home, I put it in a rice bag to dry out for a few days and then charged it. But the light never came on. It has been declared a failure.

But we still have another one, and might try again. The shuffles aren’t going to be used otherwise, and we already have the silicone gel. And if it works, I’ll save a little chunk of change.

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Summer… so close I can feel it

Summer vacation will be here officially in 16 hours. Oh, I can hardly wait.

I remember the years when the idea of such a long stretch of time with nothing structured for the girls made me feel a little queasy.

Now, I look at the mornings I don’t have to cajole anyone out of bed, beg anyone to eat something for breakfast or please hurry up so we can get out the door.

Oh, sweet days of laziness. May you bring us long mornings of reading, afternoons at the pool, lots of laughter and a little bit of productivity, too.

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RAOK: Foiled

The other day at the grocery store, the lady in front of Katie and I in line was looking through the impulse buy rack for Pretzel M&Ms. She explained that her granddaughter had her tonsils out, and was finally able to eat solid food after a week or more. This was the one thing she was really craving.

They weren’t on our lane, so Katie went to the other check out lanes to see if they had some. They didn’t, but I was still impressed that she tried.

It turned out that I had forgotten something, so when I ran back to get it, I picked up one of the big bags of Pretzel M&Ms for the lady, thinking I could buy it and give it to her as a random act of kindness.

Of course, as I was running back to the checkout line, I saw her rolling her grocery cart to the door.

Back in line, the checker looked at the M&Ms and said, “Oh, that’s funny. The lady before you was looking for these.” Um, yes.

Katie remembered what the lady looked like, so I sent her out to the parking lot to see if she could find her and give them to her. No dice.

We looked again when we left the store, hoping that we’d see her returning her cart. But we didn’t see her anywhere.

Katie was bummed because she liked the idea of the surprise. But when she figured out that now we’d “have to” eat the M&Ms ourselves… she got over it.

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Another Fall (minor)

When I saw that a text came in 3 minutes before practice was scheduled to end, I knew Maggie had fallen. Practice never ends on time, and it certainly doesn’t end early.

Maggie twisted her ankle during a drill, and she couldn’t walk on it. I’ve decided that Maggi’s not walking on it is an improvement. Previously, she’s tried to “walk it off” when she got hurt and was in serious pain. She finished a basketball game with a broken thumb.

More good news is that nothing is broken, nor is anything seriously injured. She’ll be in an AirCast that comes up to her knee.

She inflamed/irritated both her growth plate and her Achilles’ tendon.

The doctor was great. After a discussion about whether the future of girls lacrosse has helmets, he gave Maggie a specific series of goals to hit so that she can get back in the game. Without pain, she must walk, then jog, then run, then drills, then practice, then game. If she has pain in any one of those steps, she cannot go on to the next step.

Also, thanks to this doc, I now finally understand what a growth plate is*.

The boot, is, apparently, heavy. Maggie is not much of a fan.

She will wear it for a week to 10 days.

Then, we work on the series of steps.

She cannot play in her game this weekend.

But, she can still attend practices with some modifications. As long as she is careful and doesn’t do more than she should, she can still work on her skills while she is healing.

The good news: So far this year, I’ve had one whole month without a trip to the orthopedist. In 3.5 weeks, we’ll get a chance to double that.

Fingers crossed!

*Calcium deposits at the end of bones that will grow into bones. Its how bones get longer!

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