Back to school… after a few days

The girls were excited the first morning of school. They woke up up with a little coaxing, got themselves ready an were ready for the bus a few minutes early. When they got home, they talked to me and sounded (moderately) excited about their days.

The 4th day of school is a slightly different story. The girls are still adjusting to the new schedules, and are having a hard time falling asleep after sitting all day, learning new things and getting used to new experiences. My plan was to bring them to the pool after school, but neither girl likes that idea, and with the pool closing at 7pm, there really isn’t enough time. So, they are up and down and wandering around the upstairs until all hours– its almost like they are toddlers again.

Which, of course, makes mornings more difficult. They have both started setting alarms, which is great. Neither one wakes up to the alarms, though, which is not so great. Especially since they want to wake up SUPER early so they have time to get everything ready in the morning. And then they complain both that I am waking them up too early, and that it is too early for them to be awake. Typically, there is also at least one (per girl) complaint that I have not woken them up early enough.

Homework (yes, already!) takes extra reminding and prodding. They do not understand why they can’t talk to their friends and play games before they get their work done. I have homework of signing reams of papers, making daily trips for new school supplies, subscribing to the new teacher blogs and double checking to see what “extra” things their teachers have requested for the classrooms.

Throw in efforts to get them to eat balanced dinners at a reasonable hour, actually showering before bed, and brushing both hair AND teeth in the morning before leaving… it makes me miss summer. My prayers during the day include pleas for all of us to settle into our routines, please don’t let me spend all our waking hours together yelling at or nagging them, and please, please, please send me a sign if/when they truly need an exorcism.


Back to School

Despite the fact that the calendar assures me that it is, indeed, August 3, the girls are back in school. The time warp of school this far before Labor Day will never feel right to me, but this is how things are done down here. So, we all have to roll with it.

The girls are ready. Both in the same school this year, one feels she has the system completely down, and the other is both excited for the new adventure and terrified of all the changes. Thankfully, Maggie has been very supportive and is showing great kindness and patience in answering questions, explaining how things are done and generally assuaging fears. Watching and listening to their exchanges has made my heart happy.

I am looking forward to seeing them when the come home!

Feet… That Time of Year

Spring sports are gearing up– Katie is waiting desperately to hear when soccer practices will start again, and Maggie just started lacrosse last night.

In addition to having to force Maggie to put on another layer (which, after practice, she thanked me for and admitted that I was right– she would have frozen without them), she noticed that her shoes are now too small. And, in typical Maggie fashion, they are probably somewhere more than half a size too small.

When she ran to throw something away, she actually limped and grimaced.

And, of course, her regular sneakers are at school because she has PE this quarter.

So, tonight, we’re making the rounds of the shoe stores to see what fits that she doesn’t hate. (and judging by what we looked at on the internet last night, that is quite a tall challenge!)

I think I might need to drag Katie along on this expedition, since I imagine her cleats are probably a little small as well. It would be nice to be able to avoid this panicked scramble after the first soccer practice, too.

Sick Days

Both girls are sick this week. Katie was ill on Monday, and hasn’t been to school yet this week, although I think she’ll be going in tomorrow– just in time for a Spelling test and Math quiz. She’s ready… she was complaining today that she is bored at home because it is so boring here. Actually, I picked up some schoolwork for her yesterday, and although the tried to look really sad about it, I think she was glad to have something to do.

Maggie went to school on Tuesday, felt a little weird while walking to the bus but decided it was nothing. By 2:30, I had gotten a call that it was not nothing and she needed to come home. So far, her fever has been climbing each day, and I’m hoping we are at the high point. I don’t want to see a higher temperature tomorrow morning!

I’ve made a trip to the doctor with each of them, and they’ve both tested negative for both the flu and strep. I was surprised about the lack of strep for one, and the lack of flu for the other.

So, officially, they’ve got a mystery virus that has been going around the schools. Not their schools, necessarily, but schools in the area. Amazingly, they seem to have completely different symptoms: one’s fever is higher, the other’s throat hurts. One is stuffy and runny, the other has a stomachache and headache.

I just hope that tomorrow they are both feeling better and that I don’t end up with it, too!